Mackay, Alexander Murdoch (1849-1890). Pioneer Engineer-missionary to Uganda.

Son of a Free Church of Scotland minister, Mackay resisted the pressure to follow in his father’s footsteps and trained as an engineer in Edinburgh and Berlin. In 1876 he left for East Africa as part of a CMS group sent in response to information that King Mutesa of Buganda was willing to receive missionaries.

After 3 years he was the only survivor in an area where tribal differences were being reinforced by Protestant and Catholic missions and Arab and Western politics. He developed good relationships at court, translated Matthew’s Gospel into Luganda, and worked with Africans to build roads, houses, machinery, and boats. He opposed Catholic missions, and encouraged British intervention. After the death of Mutesa in 1884 and the martyrdom of Catholic and Protestant Christians in 1886, he was forced to move to the south of Lake Victoria where he died at Usambiro.

Mackay’s spiritual depth and practical skills were popularised by his sister’s biography and admired for generations. Another age would ask different questions, but the options available, then and now, were limited.

John Roxborogh


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