Azariah, Vendanayagam Samuel, First Indian Anglican bishop. Born Vellalanvilai, Tirunelveli, South India, 17 August 1874, died Dornakal, 1 January 1945.

A gifted evangelist, Azariah served as a YMCA secretary from 1895-1905, and founded the Indian Missionary Society in 1903.  At the Edinburgh Missionary Conference in 1910 he challenged western missionaries for their lack of friendship.  In 1912 he became Bishop of Dornakal. Some 200,000 joined the church under his ministry. He worked for a united Indian church from 1919, and was chair of the National Christian Council of India. He attended meetings of Faith and Order (Lausanne 1927), Life and Work (Oxford 1937) and of the International Missionary Council (Tambaram 1938).  The Church of South India, formed in 1947, was a fruit of his leadership. 

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John Roxborogh