Buxton, Sir Thomas Fowell, Christian politician, brewer, philanthropist and missionary strategist, born in Castle Hedinghan, Essex, England 6 April 1786, died Overstrand, Norfolk, 19 February 1844.

From a Quaker family, Buxton was educated at Trinity College, Dublin. In London from 1807, he became a partner in Truman’s Brewery, and attended Wheler Street Chapel under the ministry of the Church Missionary Society secretary, Josiah Pratt. He supported prison reform and became MP for Weymouth in 1818. From 1821 he was prominent in the abolition of slavery campaign, taking over the leadership from Wilberforce. His African Slave Trade and Its Remedy (1839) advocated a “native agency” and his 1841 Niger River expedition pioneered a new phase of West African Christian mission despite its tragic loss of life. He was created baronet in 1840.

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