Carmichael, Amy, Missionary to India, born Millisle, Belfast, Ireland, 16 December 1867, died Dohnavur, Tirunelveli, India, 18 January 1951.

Educated privately, of intense personality and earnest Christian commitment, Amy Carmichael was strongly influenced by the Keswick movement. As their first commissioned missionary, she set off for Japan in 1893, relocated to Sri Lanka, returned to Britain and wrote the first of many books, From Sunrise Land (1895).

In 1895 she headed for Bangalore, mastered vernacular Tamil, and took charge of a band of women evangelists whose stories she told in Things As They Are (1903). This passionate corrective of other views was followed by Overweights of Joy (1906) and Lotus Buds (1909).

Her children’s rescue mission, the Dohnavur Fellowship, was registered in 1927 but dated from 1901. Bedridden after a fall in 1931, “Amma’s” last years were filled with visitors and writing.

She never returned to Britain.

IBMR July 1996

John Roxborogh