Ch'eng Ching-Yi (Cheng Jingyi), Chinese church leader, born Beijing, 1881, died 1939.

Cheng attended theological school in Tianjin following his father into LMS ministry. He traveled to Britain and assisted in Bible translation from 1903 before returning to pastor a church in Beijing. He sought independence from mission control and in 1910 informed the Edinburgh Missionary Conference that Western denominations did not interest Chinese Christians.

He became secretary of the China Continuation Committee (1913-1922) which prepared the way for the National Christian Conference of 1922. He was appointed secretary of the National Christian Council in 1924 and, despite his failing health, in 1934 became secretary of the Church of Christ in China. He was a vice-president of the International Missionary Council (1928-1938) and attended their Jerusalem and Tambaram meetings.

John Roxborogh