Chong Yak-Jong, Augustine, Early Korean Catholic theologian and martyr, born near Seoul, 1760, beheaded 1801.

Chong came from a noble family, studied widely, and encountered Christianity through I Sung-Hun (1756-1801) who had investigated the new ideas associated with the Catholics in Beijing and baptized Chong in 1786.

In 1791 Chong survived persecution.  He compiled a Korean catechism which was still in use in 1932 and republished in 1986 (H. Diaz, A Korean Theology, Chu-Gyo Yo-Ji: Essentials of the Lord’s Teaching). However he was tried in 1797, and again in 1797. Chong stated before his execution that becoming a Christian was something “I would never regret, even if I have to die a thousand times.”

John Roxborogh