There are many lists of the dimensions of church and of mission. Here are a few.

Worship, Community, and Mission may be compared to other indicators of Christian identity, but as with elements in congregational life none of these is the whole story. These lists can be helpful for discussion, but it should be noted that every word has levels of meaning which need to be discussed. 

One Mission of God

Two Mandates (John Stott Lausanne Covenant 1974)

Three Marks of a Reformed Church

Mission as a Triple Dialogue

Archbishop Stephen Hamao, President of the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Refugees, at the presentation of Tom Fox's book "Pentecost in Asia: A New Way of  Being Church" Rome, December 4, 2002.

Five Faces of Mission:
The mission of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand is to make Jesus Christ known:

Six Elements of Mission (Stephen Bevans, SVD, "Unraveling a 'complex reality': Six Elements of Mission," International Bulletin of Missionary Research, April 2003, 27(2) 50-53)

Six Great Ends of the Presbyterian Church (USA)

Six Themes for Studying Congregations

Nancy Ammerman, Studying Congregations. A new handbook, Abingdon, 1998.

Ten marks of “Growing Healthy Churches” from the Missionary Congregation Project Team, Board of Mission, Anglican Church in the United Kingdom

(1) an energising faith

(2) an outward looking focus

(3) seeks to find out what God wants

(4) faces the cost of change and growth

(5) an enabling leadership

(6) a participative a laity

(7) a loving community

(8) sees faith as a journey we are all on

(9) practice what they preach

(10) doing a few things well.

Twelve Keys To an Effective Church - Kennon Callahan
(The first 6 are Relational; the second 6 are Functional)

1. Specific Mission Programs 7. Several Competent Programs and Activities
2. Lay and Pastoral Visitation 8. Open Accessibility
3. Dynamic Worship 9. High Visibility
4. Significant Relational Groups 10. Adequate Parking, Land and Landscaping
5. Strong Leadership Resources 11. Adequate Space and Facilities
6. Solid Participatory Decision Making 12. Solid Financial Resources

Thirteen Elements of An Emerging Ecumenical Missionary Paradigm (David Bosch, Transforming Mission, Orbis, 368-510.)

  1. Mission as the Church-With-Others
  2. Mission as Missio Dei
  3. Mission as Mediating Salvation
  4. Mission as the Quest for Justice
  5. Mission as Evangelism
  6. Mission as Contextualisation
  7. Mission as Liberation
  8. Mission as Inculturation
  9. Mission as Common Witness
  10. Mission as Ministry by the Whole People of God
  11. Mission as Witness to People of Other Living Faiths
  12. Mission as Theology
  13. Mission as Action in Hope