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French Linguistics

Très Bien French

Laura Lawless provides free weekly emails from to introduce idioms, explain grammar in practical French, and introduce places of interest. Babbel has a wide range of resources. French Linguistics provides structural explanations. The BBC site is easy to navigate. Expressio gives explanations of idiomatic phrases with obscure origins in French history and literature. Très Bien has smart phone and tablet apps.

Churches and Mission

France and Southeast Asia

I am interested in locating French scholarship on Southeast Asia especially in anthropology of religion and the Christian history in the region.

Please contact me on if you have information or other websites.

France and New Zealand

French explorers visited New Zealand at the same time as Cook. The first bishop was from France. A race to make the South Island a French colony was only narrowly lost to the British when they got the Treaty of Waitangi signed.

Despite the anti-Catholic prejudices among Presbyterians Scottish settlers recalled the "Auld Alliance" of Scotland and France against the English. New Zealand's first Saint is likely to be Mother Aubert from Lyon, foundress of the Sisters of Compassion. New Zealanders fought and died on and for French soil in the World Wars. For many years French was the major second language taught in New Zealand secondary schools. The Alliance Française has been present for over a century.

French nuclear testing in the Pacific and the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior both strained and strengthened  relationships. Rugby has united France and Les All  Blacks in competition and a steady stream of kiwis play for French clubs. Understanding is strengthened by links in literature, appreciation of French cuisine, and the development of the New Zealand wine industry against the historic benchmarks of France. French style cheeses are cheerfully replicated by boutique and major New Zealand producers.

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