Jenny Roxborogh

Gardens and Creations

Now that I have retired as an English language teacher I have more time for some of the interests I have enjoyed all my life.  Needlecrafts of all kinds, gardening, singing, plus family history and church involvement are all important to me.

I also mange the bookings for Cliffs Edge, our holiday cottage (“crib” in this part of NZ) at Otakau on the Otago Peninsula which is available when we are not using it ourselves.


I am a member of City Choir Dunedin which in 2013 celebrated its 150th anniversary. I'm not the first of our family. I've recently discovered that in 1908 a distant relative of mine, Colin Dale Arlidge, was treasurer of its predecessor, the Dunedin Choral Society. 

Family History

My forebears include Brett and Mackisack from Northern Ireland, Arlidge from north of Oxford, Swanston (John Swanston of Inglewood in Taranaki was a tailor from Bury St Edmonds but was born near Roxburgh on the Scottish Borders) and Jones (Raymond Jones of Taranaki came from Hornchurch Essex and his grandfather John Jones from Presteigne on the Welsh Border). If you are a Jones we are not so likely to be related, but Arlidges are a possibility!



Our Garden

It has been so satisfying living in Dunedin since 2000 to be really able to develop a garden for the first time.  A lot has happened since then. See pictures in the photo gallery about how the back garden got under way with major (for us) earthworks in 2002.

NEV Community Garden

I am the Communications Coordinator for the North East Valley Community Garden.