Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership

Presbyterian and Reformed Christianity

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Module One: Foundations

Lesson 1: What does Presbyterianism look like?

Lesson 2: The Celtic and Medieval Backgrounds

Lesson 3: The Reformation to 1564

Lesson 4: The Reformation to 1622

Lesson 5: Confessions and Covenants 

Module Two: Towards a Global Church

Lesson 6: Revival and Party in Scotland 1690 to 1796

Lesson 7: Renewal and Disruption 1796 to 1843

Lesson 8: Merchants, Migrants, Missionaries

Lesson 9: Presbyterians in New Zealand to 1901

Lesson 10: Presbyterians in New Zealand to 2000 

Module Three: Diversity and Renewal

Lesson 11: Leadership for ministry and mission

Lesson 12: Sacraments and Ceremonies

Lesson 13: Worship: Word and Song across cultures and generations

Lesson 14: Community, change, controversy and mission

Lesson 15: Theology and mission into a new era