Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership

Presbyterian and Reformed Christianity

Understanding Presbyterianism

Although we are properly more concerned to be Christian than to be denominational, understanding where our church came from is important. Knowing something about why it is the way it is can help you and the Church be more effective in making decisions about where we should be going in our life and Christian mission.

Presbyterian (Reformed) Studies was offered by the Ecumenical Institute for Distance Theological Studies for ten years and through the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership. Completing this paper has been of benefit to Presbyterian elders, youth leaders, Local Ordained Ministers and National Ordained Ministers transferring from overseas or from other denominations.

This website now provides on-line resources for reference and self-study. As well as someone you can share your thoughts with, it is helpful if you have a local resource person willing to discuss the questions and assignment topics and who may be able to lend books.

John Roxborogh